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At Shooters Paradise we offer a variety of classes for your shooting capabilities.

Individual Advanced Instruction:
Members Price – $55/per hour Non-Members Price – $65.00/per hour

4-Lesson Package:
Members Price – $214.99  Non-Members Price – Members Only

What will you learn in the 4 lesson package?







CCW Initial Training:
Members Price – $80.00 Non-Members Price – $85.00

CCW Renewal Training:
Members Price – $60.00 Non-Members Price – $65.00


– Group Classes (Includes Range Time and Targets)
– Colusa, Nevada, Sutter, Yuba Counties
– Individual Classes By Appointment

If you have any other classes you are interested in, please ask or make a suggestion. All things are possible.

Comments (34)

  1. Karen

    I am interested in CCW training. I am wondering if your training is acceptable for Yuba County residents as well as Sutter county.

  2. Toni

    What class is needed to be able to purchase a handgun?

    • Jon

      In order to purchase a handgun, you just have to pass a background check and a handgun safety test. In order to carry it concealed, the CCW class is necessary.

  3. Justin

    I am wanting to sign up for the initial ccw 8 hour course and was wondering what all I need for the class? Ammo, eyes and ears, holster( iwb or outside the waistband)?

  4. Bill Stivers

    When is your next CCW renwal class? My current CCW expires on July 1, 2016. Is shooting required for these renewal classes?

  5. Rachel LaGrande

    I just completed my 3 lesson package, but would like to take more classes to become proficient. Do you offer any other classes for beginners that want to build on and refine the skills learned in the 3 lesson package?

    • Danielle

      Yes Rachel, we can absolutely offer classes like that to you. If you would like to come in and see us, we would be more than happy to work something out with you.

  6. Wyatt

    Sutter county sheriffs website says you can be 18 to apply for a CCW can i apply here at 18 for a CCW ?

    • Danielle

      The only way we would be able to sign you up for a CCW at 18 years old is if you got verbal, in person confirmation from the sheriffs department so that we would be able to verify with them that it is ok to do so. Thank you for your question.

  7. Bryan

    I was reviewing the Sutter County Sheriff’s website regarding CCW and it mentioned that if the weapon is too large the permit would be for concealed in a vehicle. I have a 6 inch Ruger GP100 revolver and also purchased a Simply Rugged Sourdough Pancake holster that fits this revolver comfortably within my waistband. Do you think I will have a problem with the size of my revolver in regards to CCW? I will be signing up for the class with you very soon.

  8. Josh

    Hi I was wondering what the age limit is for getting your CCW in Yuba/Sutter County. I’ve heard 21 and 25, so I’m not completely sure what one it is. Would you also happen to have an estimate on what the cost of going through the whole process would be and approximately how long it takes? And you do guys offer all of the classes? Thank you!

    • Danielle

      The normal age to get a concealed carry permit is 21 years. The class we offer for CCW is $80.00. Our classes are usually Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 5PM to 9PM every other week. Right now we are booked through the end of April for our classes. The rest of the process for Yuba County is $205.00 I believe and Sutter County is $132.00. If you have any more questions, please let us know. Thank you!

  9. Kathy Hopkins

    I live in Colusa County and I am interested in acquiring a CCW permit. I am currently (I think still) a member of Shooters Paradise. Do you do the CCW qualifications for Colusa County? If so, when are they held? I also wanted to know if I need to qualify separately with each firearm. My husband is a retired Sheriff’s Deputy from Los Angeles, and we have 4 or five guns here in the house. Is it necessary for me to qualify with each one, or will the permit cover all of our registered firearms?

    Thanks. Katy

    • Danielle

      We are double checking that we qualify for Colusa County. We are pretty sure we do but it is taking a little time to find out for sure. When you get your CCW, it is for specific firearms. They will be listed by serial number on your permit. Your permit will only be good for carrying those specific firearms. You do not however need a permit to have firearms in your home. You only need the permit to conceal carry firearms on your person and those are limited to how ever many the county allows. I believe Colusa County is 4 firearms on your concealed carry permit. You may want to call the sheriffs department in your county to verify the process that you will need to go through for applying for a concealed weapons permit. They will be able to give you more specific information for their county than we can.

  10. Bob

    Very nice website and I am looking forward to visiting and possibly becoming a member.
    I have a CCW but not may places to shoot and practice where I am in Grass Valley.
    It will be a 40+ mile trip for me but will see if it works out.
    Please include me on your emailing list.
    Thank You

    • Danielle

      Our email list is made up of our members so when you get the chance to come down and sign up, make sure to mention that you want to join our emailing list at that time. I hope I answered all of your questions when we spoke on the phone earlier today. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask. Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you and having you join as a member with us.

  11. Douglas Nareau

    When is your next CCW class?

    • Danielle

      Are you looking for an initial CCW class or a Renewal CCW class?

      • Douglas Nareau

        Initial course.

        • Danielle

          Our initial courses are Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 4:30PM – 9:30PM every other week. We have a class scheduled for tonight and tomorrow night. The next one will be the week after next and every other week afterwards. Our classes are $80.00. To sign up for a class, please come in or call us at (530) 673-4100. To sign up, we need some information from you and the class will need to be paid for.

  12. Bill

    Hey Danielle,

    Have you heard anything about CA or counties issuing actual CCW cards instead of the flimsy pieces of paper they currently use? Something more along the lines of what Utah uses. I had heard something about it but wasn’t sure if it’s a county or state thing.

    • Danielle

      It may end up as a county thing. I haven’t heard of any specific counties doing this or anything statewide either. It’d be nice if they did that. Right now they just suggest you get it laminated. That’s what I’m doing.

  13. Mary

    Are you going to have another Women Self Defense Class?
    If so when and please sign me up.

    • Danielle

      Yes, we have another Women’s Self Defense Class scheduled for July 11th and 12th from 6PM – 10PM. You can take them individually or together. Each night is $100 or $200 for both. The first night is shooting and the second night is hand to hand combatives. Let me know what you’d like to sign up for. To sign you up, you’ll need to come in and pay and give me some information.

  14. Art

    I am looking to getting my handgun safety card. Any info on what I need before walking into shooters paradise.

    • Danielle

      All you need when you come in is your California Driver’s License or California ID Card. The test is $25.00 and 30 questions. You can take the test anytime, no appointment necessary.

  15. Bill Stivers

    I want to sign up for the initial CCW class. When will the next one be?

    • Danielle

      Sorry it took so long, we were having website difficulties. Our next CCW initial class is: May 27th and 28th. We do our classes every other Tuesday and Wednseday from 4:30PM to about 9:30PM. Please let us know if you would like to sign up for one!

  16. Andrea

    Good morning,
    I am a newbie:)… I have never shot a gun nor anything that comes with it and safety.I am looking for a class/classes that provides something for a newbie that not only wants to learn safety but also have a place to shoot to become skillful in these areas. Also, I have a 13 year old daughter that I would like to become educated in the same areas.. Suggestions?
    Thank You:)

    • Danielle

      We have several different lesson packages you could sign up for to learn how to shoot and become quite proficient with it. Your 13yr old daughter would only be able to shoot 22lr rifles on our range with adult supervision. We could get her some lessons with the 22lr rifle as well. We have great NRA Certified Instructors here that would love to work with the both of you. Please come in when you can so we can give you more information.

  17. Robert Schroeder

    Looking to add additional weapon, (Ruger 38 +P) to my conceal weapons permit. Other weapons are automatics , have been told I will need to qualify again because it is a relvover.. Do I need to make a appointment qualify this weapon?

    • Danielle

      All you need to do is come in, pay $20.00 and shoot the qualification course with the gun. It’ll take maybe 15 minutes. You do not need an appointment. You will just want to call ahead of time to make sure Lee is here, he is the one who is able to sign off on the certificate that you will need. His schedule fluctuates, that’s why I say call ahead.

  18. Laura Giddings

    I am looking for a Hunters Safety class. Do you give this class? Have had my hunting license in CA before. and had taken the class
    in 1996 in Healdsburg, CA @ fire station. No copy of completion. or old CA license, that I can find. They say I have to retake safety course.
    If you do not give course, do you know who does?
    Thank You

    • Danielle

      We do not offer the hunters safety course. These are two numbers you can call.
      Michael Russow 530-662-4873
      K.L.S.C. 530-662-3372

      Either of these should be able to help you.

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