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Shooters Paradise has the largest selection of firearms and supplies in the Yuba City area. We welcome you to visit our retail store that carries holsters, cleaning kits, knives, scopes and rings, handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Name brands that you know and trust, such as Springfield, Glock, Sig, Beretta, Ruger and many more. We also carry an assortment of weapons on consignment.

Our experienced staff can guide you in the right direction when purchasing your new hand gun, rifle or shotgun. With an on site gunsmith, we are able to diagnose and repair your weapon, along with modifications.

The indoor shooting range of Shooters Paradise is conveniently located within our store. This means for you no long drives out of town to practice and to increase your marksmanship. As a beginner, our staff is more than qualified to assist and to instruct you in safe operation, proper stance, and trigger control.

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  1. gary white

    just saw 3 day class for $135 what are the days and times for that class

  2. gary white

    wanting to know about classes my wife and i have never shot a gun how much does it cost and how long are the classes

  3. denise bays

    I want to learn how to shoot and I wanted to know if my boys age 17 and 13 could also learn at your facility. also approximately how much does the 2 day class and gun rental cost per person?

    • Danielle

      Your 17yr old can shoot handguns as long as you are standing with him, not shooting while he is shooting and your 13 yr old can shoot 22lr rifles on our range under the same settings. Our minimum for 22lr rifles is 13 years old and for handguns it is 16 years old, with someone over 21 years old as a supervisor of course. If you’re asking about our 2 day CCW Class, that is $85.00 per person. We also have a 3-lesson package that is on how to shoot. The class is $135.00 per person with the purchase of a membership included. An individual annual membership is $35.00 a year, a buddy/couple membership is $50.00 per year and a family membership is $80.00 per year.
      Our range fee’s are $12.00 per person, rentals are either $10.00 for one rental and $15.00 for multiple rentals. Rifles are separate fees, $7.50 for the 22lr rifles and $15.00 for our 9mm AR15 rifle. Please let us know if you have any more questions. Thank you!

  4. Nancy Tostenson

    Would like to know the days/hours of operation for your indoor range. Thanks.

  5. Christina

    I have never been shooting before, nor do I own a gun. Do you have guns that I can practice in the range with or do I have to bring my own?

    • Danielle

      Hi Christina. We absolutely have handguns that you can rent for using on our range. We have about 40-50 handguns to choose from. To use the range is $12.00 per person, rentals are $10.00 each, ammo is between $20.00 – $25.00 for 50 rounds, depending on the caliber of course and targets are between $1.00 – $3.00. We look forward to you coming in!

  6. Jamie

    I grew up hunting and now I’m wanting to get a hand gun

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