Shooters Paradise now carries handbags and man bags that best suit your needs and personality. We regularly add new handbags to our collection so be sure to check back often.

All the products we carry have been tested and re-tested for durability and conceal-ability by some of the top trainers in this country.

The manufacturers we stock have listened, designed and listened again to redesign so all bags are what a woman wants to have as her ideal for a concealed carry bag.

Each bag is constructed with extra seams, extra construction, extra materials to minimize wear and tear so you can feel confident to use everyday in addition to your concealed.

The products are TRULY designed by women for women (and a few men!).

See the store for pricing.

Cameleon Banner 01 430x285 PICTURE OF ALL BAGS ON WALL. Sahara Petal Calypso Belladonna Aya

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