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Have a question regarding a gun purchase or need a gunsmith? Please feel free to call and ask a representative. Come on down and visit our retail store and our range for all of your shooting needs, only at Shooters Paradise.

Shooters Paradise
1407A Colusa Ave.
Yuba City, CA, 95993

(530) 673-4100

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    what is the wait time to own a pistol?

  2. Sean Wilson

    I am visiting from the UK. I have already visited Yuma and was able to hire a gun and shoot at a local range but I understand that the rules are different in each State. As a non-US citizen – can I hire a gun and shoot at your range?

    • Danielle

      Yes, you can rent firearms and shoot on our range. All you need to do is prove you are the proper age, read our rules and go have some fun! We will send someone out on the range you first to make sure you are comfortable and safe but yes, you are more than welcome to come to our store and rent firearms to shoot in our shooting range. We hope you’ll get to come by!

      • David

        So my wife and I would be able to walk in one day to rent and shoot for x amount of time? We do not need a membership? I am in the military if that makes any difference for application purposes.

        • Danielle

          Hi David. You do not need any qualifications or a membership to shoot with us. We are open to the public. Having a membership with us just makes your shooting a little cheaper. We say it is $12.00 per hour to shoot here but it doesn’t really matter how long you are shooting. It is $12.00 per person whether you’re out there for half an hour or an hour and a half. Please come down and we will get you on the range shooting and having fun. Thank you for your service as well and be sure to mention that you are military for a discount. We look forward to seeing you.


    I was wondering if you guys offer just the classes to get a regular gun permit not a concealed one.

    • Danielle

      To purchase a gun in California you need to take a written test called the Handgun Safety Test, I think that is what you are talking about. Yes, we offer that test here. It is $25.00 and 30 questions. Come by any time to take the test, no appointment necessary!

  4. Jody Deal

    When is the next CCW class?

    • Danielle

      Our next initial CCW Class is May 27th and 28th. We do the classes every other Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 4:30Pm – 9:30PM.

      • Ray Rindahl

        Bought another gun and want to add to my ccw. How much for the 4 hour class and when is it available?

        • Danielle

          If you are just adding a firearm to your CCW, most counties do not make you shoot that firearm. If you are in Sutter County, depending on what you have on your permit and what the new firearm is, you may not have to shoot that firearm. If you could tell me what county you are, what types of firearms you have on your permit and when your permit expires, I could give you proper information. Our renewal courses are $50.00 and are ususally every other Thursday evening from 5PM to 9PM. We are booked until April right now.

  5. Grant

    CCW question for Lee,
    I have a friend who lives in Auburn, he says that in his county it is now required that he inform law enforcement that he has a weapon when he has interaction with them, and this is new.
    Has anything changed in Sutter or Yuba county? I really need to confirm that this true in Placer Co because that is where I work.
    Is there a county by county resource so we can stay up to date on changes?

  6. John

    I’m looking for magazines for my S&W 945-40. You website front page says these are 30% off – SMITH AND WESSON 945 40 S&W. Can you tell me if you have factory S&W 945-40 magazines for sale? If so, how much and how many can I buy?

    Thank You

  7. Chrissy

    Husband and I are looking into purchasing a handgun. Do you offer the handgun safety course & certificate?

    • Danielle

      To purchase a handgun in California, you need to take the Handgun Safety Test and get the card after you pass the test. It is a written test of 30 questions for $25.00. We offer that test here at our store. You can come in any time to take the test. I recommend studying the study guide before you take the test. We offer the study guides here as well for $.50. Anytime you would like, just come in and study or take the test.

  8. Kelly Roberts

    Do you need to prepay for the CCW recert class? when is the next one?

    • Danielle

      Yes, to sign up for the class, you need to give us some information and pay for it ahead of time. The class is $50.00. The next one is November 7th. We do the class every other week on Thursday evening from 4:30pm – about 9 or 9:30pm.

  9. JD

    Do you guys offer re-qualification classes for an Exposed Firearm Permit?

    • Danielle

      I apologize but we do not offer re-qualification for exposed firearm permits. You would be better off to try a security guard company perhaps.

  10. Betty Lucas

    What hours are you open?

  11. Dick Fazio

    I just completed the CCW training class from Lee Smith. First, it was a great class, very informative, short and to the point. I was an eye opener. Le is one of the most knowledgeable weapons instructors I’ve met. The class was well worth taking. They have a wonderful operation there.

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