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Indoor Shooting Range

The shooting range of Shooters Paradise located in Yuba City, has eight 25-yard lanes for your shooting needs. This paradise carries a wide variety of targets, from 3D targets, standard police qualification targets and even targets with zombies for your fictional recreational shooters. Our indoor shooting range is perfect for law enforcement, military and every day citizens to practice their marksmanship.

General Information

Our range fees are some of the most competitive in the area. Our range is rented out by the hour, a 10-hour range card, a 3 hour range pass with 6 guns, or a 1 year pass for members only.

Drop by Shooters Paradise, to hear about it!

Safety Equipment

Safety equipment is required on our range, for your safety. We do have in stock a very large selection of safety equipment, if you are looking to purchase your own. We also sell a safety equipment package for $ 5.00 that includes eyes and foam ear plugs.

Call for pricing.

Handgun rentals

Ruger, Glock, Sig, XD’s, Beretta,
Kimber and Springfield 1911 style
Most .22 rifles

All gun rentals are $15.00 per person

Rules of the range

Eye and ear protection must be worn at ALL TIMES while on the range.
Place your weapon on the stall bench when not shooting.
Keep muzzle pointed down range at all times.
Have only one weapon on stall bench at a time. Keep all others unloaded and in your range bag until you are ready to fire the weapon.
Ammunition is to be kept on the shelf behind the shooting stall when shooting semi automatic weapons, load your magazine there and step into the stall before inserting the magazine.
Revolvers shall be loaded only in the stall with weapon pointed down range.
Stay in your assigned stall. Do not switch unless you first notify, or are told by range master to move.
Staple targets directly to the cardboard backers. Do not try to remove cardboard or try to adjust it within the frame. If there is a problem notify the staff.
Targets are moved in and out by a pulley system. Please slow them down when nearing the far end of the range or nearing the stall. Slamming the target trolley into the stops may cause the lane to malfunction and result in ending your session.
DO NOT GO OFF OF THE CARPETED AREA OR DOWN RANGE FOR ANY REASON! If you have brass or parts that need to be retrieved contact staff for assistance.
No tobacco products of any type may be used while on the range.
No food or drinks allowed on the range at anytime.

Comments (32)

  1. Joe

    I purchased a pistol and need to go through an FFL. Do you provide this service? If so, what are the total fees for this service. Thanks you.

  2. Emily

    Do you have a ruger SP101 in 38/357 available to rent for shooting on the range?

  3. James Carter

    Is .22 LR hollow point allowed on the range, or only copper jacket? A friend tells me he can only find .22 LR in hollow point now. Thanks.

  4. Enrique

    Do you have lanes for rifles?

    • Danielle

      We allow 22LR rifles and any rifles that are handgun calibers with full metal jacket ammo. We also now allow people to shoot their AR15’s in6 on our range, as long as you use or purchase to use our frangible ammunition. Please let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you.

  5. Frank Hamrah

    Can I shoot my reloaded ammo on your range?

    • Danielle

      Yes, you are able to shoot your reloaded ammunition on our range, as long as it is full metal jacket ammo with no steel core and it is a handgun caliber.

  6. Carter

    Are shot guns allowed on the range?

    • Danielle

      No, I’m sorry but we do not allow shotguns on our range. Handguns and 22LR rifles only. If you have a rifle that is a handgun caliber, we will allow that as well.

  7. JD

    Are there any age restrictions if I want to bring my sons to the range for some instruction and father/son time?

  8. Denise

    Do you offer gift certificates?

  9. Cheryl

    do you allow 40 caliber rifles(same ammo as a handgun)

    • Danielle

      Yes, we allow rifles that shoot handgun ammunition. Just let us know when you get here so we can check it. Thank you for asking.

  10. Brandee

    A friend and I would like to come in and use the shooting range. We don’t have any safety gear or and guns. Is there a way we could rent and it all of these things, and what’s the price range we’d be looking at?

    • Danielle

      Yes, you are more than welcome to come in and rent everything you need to use the shooting range. To use the range is $12.00 per person, regardless of how long you’re out there. Firearm rentals are $10.00 each plus ammo. Ammo is between $25.00 – $30.00 depending on caliber. Targets are between $1.00 – $3.00 depending on the ones you use. Eye and ear protection is $1.25 for the set. There are different packages we could do for you depending on how many rentals and ammunition you use while here. Different packages just make it a little cheaper. That depends on what you do while here. We look forward to seeing you and if you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  11. Drew

    If I want to bring my own 9mm to shoot at the range can I also bring in my own ammo or do I need to purchase from you? Thanks

    • Danielle

      If you bring your own 9mm that is perfectly fine. You are more than welcome to use your own ammunition. The only requirement for using your own ammunition with your firearms is that it has to be full metal jacket, no exposed lead, no hollow points and no steel core. The only time you are required to use our ammunition is when you are using our firearms. Thank you for asking.

  12. Kenneth

    I have been doing some research and I have become interested in learning to shoot either a firearm or some sort of rifle. does your shooting range offer classes, gun rentals or sales to learn to shoot a firearm. Furthermore, stupid question. Is a fire weapons permit is required to start learning to shoot a weapon at your gun range.

    • Danielle

      That is not a stupid question. You do not need any permit to shoot a weapon on our range. You need permits to buy firearms and to carry them concealed. We offer a few different types of lessons. We do not allow rifles bigger the 22LR caliber on the range. We have numerous handguns and 22LR rifles as range rentals. It might be easier for you to come in and talk to someone about the different things we offer. We can create any type of lesson package you want. We hope you’ll come in and talk to us about signing up for lessons and using our range.

  13. Letica

    I have a question regarding age, what’s the age that is allowed to shoot? The youngest? I have a 14yr old who I shoot w And I would like to take her.

  14. Garron

    I wanna go shooting with my cousin but don’t have id can I still get in and shoot

    • Danielle

      We need to see ID to make sure you are of the proper age to shoot on the range. If there is any type of ID you have that could show that, you are more than welcome to come shoot.

  15. Sharon Schroeder

    Hello, wondering if you’re allowed to bring in pellet rifle? My husband just bought one & he was told to fire 100 rounds to calibrate the sight, but doesn’t know where to go to do that. Do rifles have to be in a bag?
    Can you tell me your rates?
    Thank you

    • Danielle

      Yes, you can bring in a pellet rifle. Pellet rifles do not need to be in a bag. It is $12.00 per person to go on the range and between $1.00 – $3.00 for a target. We look forward to seeing you and/or your husband.

  16. mike Scott

    What type of eye protection is required? do weapons have to be in bags to bring them into range?

    • Danielle

      Eye protection is only required to not be glass and protect your eyes. We prefer clear, yellow or maybe a rose colored lenses. No dark lenses allowed because it is indoors and they make it difficult to see. Weapons do not need to be in bags, only need to be unloaded and locked according to the rules of traveling with firearms.

      • Thaddeus

        Do eyeglasses qualify as eye protection as long as the lenses are not actual glass?

        • Danielle

          Yes, for the most part eye glasses that are poly-carbonate instead of glass will work as eye protection on our range. It usually depends on the size of the lenses. Sometimes they are small lenses and will do very little to protect your eyes from brass and other hazards. In that case, we have the shooting glasses you are welcome to use to put over your regular glasses for better protection. They are the large glasses that are designed to go over regular seeing glasses. Thank you for your question.

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