CALIBER –             NEW PRICE


 9MM                                      $19.99

40SW                                         $21.99

45ACP                                        $23.99

38SPCL                                     $24.99

357MAG                                    $29.99

380ACP                                    $23.99




(Range re-manufactured Ammo, 50 round boxes)


Comments (11)

  1. Robert

    Looking for 243 WSSM 100 GR Power-Point Ammo, X243WSS

  2. Cindy Rogers

    do y’all sell 25 wssm ammo?

    • Danielle

      No Cindy, I’m sorry but that is not a normal caliber we keep in stock. We could try to order some for you if you would like to come in and see us. Or you could look at our online shopping store at and see if you can find any on there. Thank you for your question.

  3. MC

    Do you sell .22 LONG ammo?

  4. Norman

    Do you have or no where I can find some 30-284 rounds?

    • Danielle

      We do not have any 30-284 ammo. I think your best bet to find that will be online. I don’t think anyone in town is going to have that caliber.

  5. darrell

    I need some 375win ammo can you help me with this?

  6. ronnie gregory

    Looking for win 243 wssm ammo could you contact me when you have some and how do I order from your web site thank you for your time

    • Danielle

      We do not have online sales currently. To purchase anything you see listed on our website, you have to come into the store to purchase. I do not have any 243wssm, sold the last few boxes we had a few weeks ago. That is not ammo that we frequently order. We have had the few boxes we sold for a while. If you would like to get some, I could try to order it for you as a special order that would have to be paid for before ordering. If you would like to do that, you can come into the store or call and we will attempt to find some for you. Please let me know if you have any more questions.

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